30 September 2012

Rebel **

Its a movie by Lawrence (larencce - as he spells in the movie this time) - so, you know what not to expect even if it has big names starring in it. A mass entertainer, on the lines of routine formula found in other films that the director has handled.

If movies like mass and don can be a hit, rebel is a hit too. I pray the director stops portraying his talent as a music director - the music looks like a single piece of track played all over the song (no ups or lows) !!!!!

Prabhas, Deeksha and Tamannah have given everything possible to this move which is a routine tollywood revenge-romance-action drama with irritating comedy. What blows your mind off is the dance steps by tamannah which remind you of Charmi's steps in Lawrence's earlier move.

Argh ... let me stop this here and leave it to you to go for the move to watch Tamannah and Prabhas alone. Dont waste your brain on this movie - watch it if you like mass entertainers

P.S : Dear director, please decide how you want to spell your name first. Lets focus on other movie aspects (other than choreography which you are good at) later please.

23 September 2012

Vennela1.5 **

DONT plan to watch/skip this movie going by reviews. If you want to laugh your hearts out - GO FOR IT !!

This is a pure comedy entertainer mixed with some romance stuff. Illogical sequences, poke-fun kind of dialogs and good songs make it a good watch for the young and young at heart crowd (family audience may not like it much). Forget the hangover of hollywood sequences you find here and there. Chaitanya Krishna and other actors are good. Monal has amazing screen presence. The 'Live interval' is one of the good concepts introduced to tollywood. Good job by the acto- director 'Vennela' Kishore. 'Thagubothu' Ramesh stands out of all the characters - He's one talented actor and needs a special mention.

Go to have fun and only fun.

15 September 2012

Life Is Beautiful **1/2

Life is Beautiful is a repackaged version of all those parts that were probably left out or edited out in his previous movies. Atleast, it seems so. For benefit of good, traditionally inspired, clean pictures, I only wish Sekhar Kammula comes out from the hangover of his previous classics. Else we might face another "Puri Jagannath" of class movies further on.

Good things - Anjala Jhaveri (Umm.. Beautiful as she was 10years back!!), Shreya (Wow.. younger looking as if the movie was shot 4yrs back), Amala (though in a short role).

You have the 'langa-voni' clad girls, children obsessed with the cute dog, lovely rain, characters dancing in the rain, amazing photography, 'sekhar' moments of classic sentiment - usual stuff one sees in any of Sekhar's movies. Casting and characterization seems similar/have close resemblance to the artists who starred in the director's all previous movies. Rashmi who acted as the lead hero's sister is a find and to look out - great character artist she will be. One of the guys Sudhakar (playing Nagarag) suits and acts to perfection. Others fit the role.

Of the songs, "Amma" is just awesome!!! Seems the climax is trimmed and does not give a good feel at the end. Personally, I loved the 2nd half where people start connecting better to the story. 1st half could have been trimmed (may be!) and some sentiment brought in before interval.

Nothing Great in the movie. Its pure feel good one and should not be missed. Having said all this, I will watch it more number of times - that is how Kammula's films are - they sink more as you keep watching.

03 September 2012

Mugamoodi/Mask *1/2

Mugamoodi (tamil)/Mask(telugu) is a 'so-called' superhero movie which explores the 'hero within'. Had Mysskin, the director explored the story from within himself, the movie would have been a wonder at the box office.

Simply put, 4spoons on batman+2spoons of superman+6spoons of spiderman+8spoons of kungfu hustle+1spoon of nativity = MASK

Jiiva does his part well and fits the bill, but the story is a big let down. Pooja Hegde is gorgeous but is limited to few frames and not even properly used in the songs - where heroines fin more prominence in such hero oriented stories. Look out for her ! Girish Karnard and Nasser are wasted totally with a meatless role. Varein as the villain does not do justice either. Instead of copying the villainy from numerous hollywood movies, he shoud have evolved a style of his own. Best part are the kungfu stunts which are not done overly and the songs (tamil ones are better).

Worth a miss. Watch it if you want to conclude how a south-indian hero who has no super powers is called a Superhero just because he uses a mask to cover his face....!!!

25 August 2012

Sudigaadu **

This telugu movie inspired by the tamil spoof movie 'thamizh padam' does justice to a weekend watch. Strictly for movie buffs or those who have laughed looking at the flaws and over actions introduced into the telugu movies over the years.

Nothing that the movie offers newly. But, as long as you got good comedy sequences for the entire run of the movie, does anything else matter ?? Importantly, the movie makes you think and relate to the 'original' movie that 'Sudigaadu' spoofs on. A good parady and wish it had a stronger screenplay. A good start to spoof films in tollywood.

Naresh is his usual self. Monal Gajjar has good presence though she has got nothing to do in the movie. A 'Simran' in the making if she emotes better and relates to the audience. Jayprakash was good and so was dharmavarapu.

Forget ratings, forget the reviews - go watch it - you will laugh your hearts out.

15 August 2012

Ek Tha Tiger ***

Pure entertainment and No bull-shit !

Kabir khan has blended romance with action in a very good way. There is no boring second in the entire move, and the entire audience including the front-benchers are IN for the same type of royal visual treat.

Salman walks straight into the hearts as Katrina dances in with her stunts and improved acting prowess. The chemistry is just so perfect and Salman Khan has done all that is ever possible to make this movie a real 'hit'. Nothing great that this movie boasts of - but, you will just sit back and enjoy the entire movie. If that isnt enough, you are surely gonna be tempted to find your way back to the theatres again to watch what kabir Khan has come up with utilizing Sallu and Kat to the best levels.

If not for Kabir Khan, any other director would have changed the slot where the popular 'Mashallah' song comes in - perfect placing it has. All other actors play their role, but you just cant glance away from the two lead actors.

Go, have fun - Tiger does it again for Sallu and Bollywood box office. A well directed and slickly edited movie.

14 January 2011

Anaganaga O Dheerudu ***

Anaganaga o Dheerudu - Disney's touch was very much evident, though the director Prakash has put in everything to make sure the movie is 'new' in every aspect. Great direction, screenplay could have been tighter. Siddharth was gud but disappoints at places with dialog delivery/hair-do. Shruti was gracefully gorgeous and lightens up the screen. Lakshmi manchu as the villain leaves her mark. The 'best' of the lot was the child artiste who played 'moksha' - a great discovery she was.

Amazing visual effects and the journey to a different world makes this movie a worth watch. BE mentally prepared - You are going to watch a 'fantasy' movie - something like those stories one used to hear in their childhood !!

13 January 2011

Mirapakaya **1/2

What do you expect ?? yes, it is an out and out masala movie with a hit formula behind it. Though the movie offers nothing new, Raviteja makes the journey enjoyable. Richa looks ravishing, while Deeksha has less to do.
Just timepass - but total paisa vasool !

12 January 2011

Parama Veera Chakra*1/2

Well, this movie seems a tale stitched from bits and pieces. Dasari garu disappoints. Well, because, Balakrishna does what is expected out of him and there are no 'extra' effects that were once a joke around. Balayya's komaram bheem character needs special mention. This character was just few scenes, but wonderfully done. Amisha doesnt even try to act, while Sheela tries to grab attention with skin show. Of the heroines, Neha dupia atleast had some important role to play.

One thing I APPRECIATE - yes i said 'Appreciate' - is for a movie done in 70days flat, the director has put in lot of strategy in choosing experienced character artistes, and I dint expect any miracles out of this.

For the audience, the movie never seems to have started.  Its as if few scenes have been canned and put together to make it a 'Release'. Well, may be fans would watch it once, max twice - Coz Balayya doesn't let you down in this post-Simha movie either.

09 January 2011

No One Killed Jessica ***

This one is a worth watch. Amazing background score lifts the movie to a new level, while the movie is slickly edited and the story line is in focus. The movie has got very good performers with each one given an apt role. If Vidya and Rani wow you with their hitting performance, the New girl Myrah has good screen presence and literally flirts with the camera.

Well, NOKJ is surely going to be a hit with the multiplex audience and those abroad. Might not be able to woo the B and C grade center crowd. Yet, Watch it - Change has to start somewhere !!

04 January 2011

Tees Maar Khan *

A mindless comedy - what else do you expect from Farah Khan? Well, Katrina is a show stealer but has nothing to do. Akshay does his part the best and with ease, but the story line is a dud. Yet, the movie is a typical masala movie which does not bore you. Worth a watch just incase you are frustrated with nothing else to do.

23 August 2010

Naan Mahan Alla ***

'Naan Mahan Alla' would have been a four starrer movie, had the 2nd half been taken care of. Karthi and Kajal Agarwal display great onscreen chemistry and look great together, though Kajal has nothing to do in the second half.

All characters fit the bill very aptly. The first half is amazing, while the second half is a dud given its off-the hook pace. At the end, one is left wondering if it was supposed to be the climax. Justified climax but handled in a very lean way. While songs are fine, this movie will go good with the college crowd.

In all its fun and watchable !

Lafange Parindhe **

Pradeep Sarkar takes us back to the movies of the 90's with 'Lafange Parindhe'. Neil Nitin Mukesh tries something different, but looks artificial in the role. Deepika has performed very well and looks stunningly beautiful. Kay Kay menon has been wasted in the short role. The songs are good and the story line has been taken care of in a better way.

This movie is timepass material and reminds of Southie hits Nuvvu Vastavani/Thulatha manamum Thullum for the theme, though it has been adapted to bollywood concepts. A hit if released in the mid 90's, but for now, can be missed, except if you are a die-hard deepika fan.

18 August 2010

Peepli [Live] ***1/2

In a world where each 'Byte' from the lives of millions around is exploited for gains of any measure, with the news being used and skipped away without action, this Bollywood movie weaves magic with a fantastic script that mixes reality with sarcasm to bring out the 'Ugly Truth' in the society.

There are great performances from all the actors in this intelligent movie portraying ground realities in the country's politics, media and the common man's grass root problems. Humongous research, tight editing and the rustic portrayal of rural India add to making this movie a masterpiece.

Aamir once again proves why he is simply the smartest bollywood personality of the times by opting to produce a gem called 'Peepli Live'. Though the movie might not go well with all kinds of audiences, Anusha Rizvi's first directorial 'must-watch' venture will be remembered for many years to come for the experimental blend of documentary meets reel fiction !

16 August 2010

Yem Pillo Yem Pillado *

Eetharam films sticks to its reputation, while the story is the same old repetitive one. Tanish churns out an impressive performance and has a long way to go, while Pranitha is fine. The tile track is nice.

The film reminds of nuvve kavali, anandam kind of fun mixed with routine family/village sentiments . Worth a miss.

15 August 2010

Don Seenu **

Nothing much to offer in terms of the story, but Raviteja caters to the mass audience while Shriya looks amazingly stunning. Anjana and other actors fit aptly. Scenes between Brahmanandam and Raviteja are very hilarious. The film is a family entertainer which does not demand the moviegoer to use their brain.

A commercial movie with all the mass masala elements in the right proportions - Paisa vasool !

09 August 2010

Aisha **

A Hollywood style meets Bollywood kind of movie with great performance from Sonam Kapoor. This lady looks stunning in the movie and Rhea has done a great movie for her sister. Aisha is a film with great fashion quotient and could have been much better.

While Abhay Deol is perfect for the role, others are fine too. The movie drags a bit towards the end to meet the Bollywood standard 'drama' but will go fine with the multiplex crowds who are looking for some timepass over the weekend.

01 August 2010

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai ***

A movie on gangsters has always fascinated bollywood audience and 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' is yet another one based on this genre. A winner at the box office, for sure it is !!

Fantabulous dialogs, good background score and a strong screenplay hold the movie high. Ajay Devgn seems to have become the official flagbearer of Bollywood 'Don'-ism now. A good change for Emran Hashmi from his repetitive lover boy roles. Kangana and Prachi have nothing to do, but have added value with their 'beauty' in the 70's retro looks. Randeep hooda fits the bill. This is not a 'Company' kind movie and is special in its own way of portraying the human characters and the brain game for power. Many an audience would surely wish the climax was better though.

Balaji Telefilms has brought the bollywood style movies of the 70's alive for us this time. A must watch !

27 July 2010

Maryada Ramanna **1/2

Rajamouli is at it again. A hit again with Sunil and Saloni in the lead. Wonderful comedy and a simple story woven with Keeravani's amazing music ensures that the film keeps the audience glued to the seat.

A few places where the comedy is a bit off the rack, but in all, a family entertainer proving the fact that the Director is the person behind a hit more than anyone else, even the hero for that reason. Sunil has contributed with great dance moves. Saloni should be getting few nice offers for sure after this movie.

In all, a clean adaptation of  Buster Keaton's Hollywood movie 'Our Hospitality' dished out with hummable songs. Each frame has been shot with great richness, making it a supreme visual treat.

Fulltoo Mazaa !

Khatta Meetha *1/2

'Khatta Meetha' - The Hindi version of the 1988' Mohanlal starring Malayalam movie 'Vellanakalude Nadu' is a typical Priyadarshan movie that is woven around human emotions. Akshay Kumar carries the film entirely on his shoulder. Trisha Krishnan looks great in those sarees and leaves her mark, though in a not-so-significant role.

Too many characters have been pulled into the second half, making this part a mess. However, the first half is comic and enjoyable. Urvashi Sharma is wasted in the sister role. Rajpal Yadav is at his comic best. Johnny Lever fails to impress. Makarand Deshpande is apt in the role of a journalist. Couple of songs are impressive. The sad part is - one would be surprised that there are no twists that can be expected in a drama film.

A timepass film provided you have enough and enough of patience !

18 July 2010

Madrasapattinam ***

Hats-off for recreating the Madras of pre-independence India for the current generation. A very wonderfully woven storyline combined with slick editing, and great acting. All the songs in the movie are good and the Lyrics are worth mentioning. Music by G.V Prakash is soothing. Lyrics are really spell binding and all the actors fit the roles aptly.

The story might, at places, remind one of Lagaan, Titanic or  anyother movie that has its story set in the past and especially in the times of independence struggle. But, this story has its uniqueness and the producers, art director and everyone involved in the making of Madrasapattinam are worthy of the praise.

Arya looks stunning while Amy Jackson is 'The' beauty and both have put in a stupendous performance.

A must watch !!

16 July 2010

Red Alert **1/2

Red Alert, as the name reflects, is about the naxal movement and the steps being taken to curb it at the moment. It portrays the real incidents and theories of naxalism but the climax is hard to digest and is impractical. Everything till the climax has been handled very well by the director Ananth Mahadevan and the  great amount of research behind this idea is visible in each frame.

Bagyashree is so refreshing to watch - lets wait to see more of her soon. Sunil Shetty, Seema Biswas and Vinod Khanna are just ok, while Sameera Reddy has put up a decent performance. It is just that her deglam role was not the fulcrum of the movie. This movie would have been way too good if it was a women-centric movie with the current naxalism scenario. The background music in the beginning of the movie is awesome and the lone song in the film has nice lyrics.

Not for the regular movie watcher, this is something on the Art side !!

11 July 2010

Happy Husbands *1/2

This malayalam movie is a poor rip-off of the hindi movie "No Entry". A family entertainer, it is to surely to go good with the crowd that has not watched the original from Anees Bazmee. Jayaram, Samvritha and Reema stand out in the picture while others fit the bill. What is disappointing is that Indrajith even wears a bracelet similar to the blue stone bracelet that Salman wears - heights of inspiration it seems to be ! Good comic timing is the only plus.

10 July 2010

Milenge Milenge *1/2

'Old wine in a Older bottle' - that is what the film starring a non-size zero Kareena and a non-six pack Shahid is all about. The movie, if had released as per schedule in 2005, would have been a good hit in those times. 

The first half is run of the mill college romance and then as you sit through the second half, one can relate this to the 2001 comedy 'Serendipity' and to be specific to the 'Woods' in India, this is a movie inspired by the Kollywood 2003 release - 'Jay Jay' which had Madhavan and Nisha Kothari in the lead. In short, yet another Boney Kapoor movie inspired by a Tamil movie.

To recall, this hotel where the cast and crew stayed during the shooting was destroyed by the Tsunami - happy that the movie did see the light of the day atlast after so many many (and many) a hiccups including the split-up between the lead pair.

A nice time-pass film that is outdated for the current times, but a regular movie watcher can sail through it with a pinch of patience.

Jhummandi Nadam ***

A tradition-meets-trend kind of telugu movie which would remind of the 90's movie having a goodie-good hero, his all good romance with fortune as the villain and his success at the end. A very good family entertainer to keep the audience of all ages engaged. Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures has smartly worked on a sure-shot hit formula with the 'darsakendra' Raghavendra Rao heading the movie.

Songs are wonderful and the concept of having a song for every occasion in life is something innovative. Yes, visually the songs do have our Raghavendra Rao's trademark fruits, flowers and water drops romancing the heroine every time at every possible place, but is decent enough.

Manoj leaves a mark with stupendous performance, while Mohanbabu and other artistes are adequate in their roles. Debutant Taapsee Pannu as the heroine has acted well. This new-age Rambha is one glamorous heroine to look out for in the future. The climax might be typical but otherwise, the film is a good 'time pass'.

Paisa vasool for the junta !

03 July 2010

I Hate Love Stories **1/2

Might not be the best love story, but a very entertaining and engrossing movie which is sure to go very well with the young crowd. Amazing chemistry between Imran and Sonam weaves the magic around the audience.

Its a total 'filmy' film with a couple of good songs and one can surely connect back to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai times. A few questions - Did Karan lift this from a real life situation on the sets? Where was this touch of making happy, non-sobby movies lost? Well, good to see such a movie from Dharma productions.

A nicely thought of movie, with all the right things in place. Few comic scenes are well timed and a Karan Johar movie critic(Lover/Hater) would love to see the digs taken at his own movies that came in the past. The first half is complete fun, while the second half serves the needed sentiment in the movie.

The ratings might not be great, but the boxoffice is sure to ring this time around for Imran&Sonam's mesmerizing chemistry, and the new treatment that we get to see in the film.

22 June 2010

Vedam ****1/2

A masterpiece. Krish, with his second directorial venture 'Vedam' has given tollywood cinema a new lease of life.

Combined with a very wonderful style of story narration and equally power packed performances from each actor who shows up on the screen, Vedam keeps you wanting for more. The story holds the audience till the end, and once out into the real world, it is to make you think for sure.

21 June 2010

Panchakshari **

Anushka's show all the way - that is what Panchakshari is all about. She has put in good performance playing the double role in the movie. It can be compared to the other movies based on goddesses that Tollywood has produced, but has been given a different treatment. All other character artistes are just appropriate. It would have been nice if the movie had been to the current day technical standards,

Anushka looks ravishing in the 2nd half speaking telangana dialect and has acted very gracefully.Though an outdated story, its a sure shot hit with the family crowd, especially in the B&C centers.

19 June 2010

Raavanan *** ; Raavan *1/2

This Maniratnam movie leaves you a tad disappointed with the story, but the technical areas are amazingly dealt with. One would surely be mesmerized with the visuals, lyrics and music score.

Vikram delivers a smashing performance as Veera - the leading protagonist in the Tamil version, and lives to the role of Dev in Hindi. As Beera in Hindi, Abhishek is a misfit, given his body language which does not match with the raw appeal that the character demands. Prithviraj as Dev in tamil is just ok and lacks the fierce expression that is needed. Aishwarya delivers the expected as Ragini and this surely is the best role in her career so far. Priyamani impresses with the short role she has in the movie. Other characters have been aptly chosen in both the versions of the movie.

Cinematography and background score are the things that make you sit through the movie. The techincal values of Indian cinema attain new heights with this much awaited movie - Raavan(Hindi)/Raavanan(Tamil)/Villain(Telugu).

Andari Bandhuvayya **1/2

The Telugu movie 'Andari Bandhuvayya' is a goodie-good movie about making the people around you happy. The lead actors - Sharvanand and Padmapriya have acted well. Senior actor Naresh delivers a decent performance. Couple of songs are hummable and the movie is a good family entertainer.

06 June 2010

Singam *

The much hyped Tamil movie Singam (Yamudu in Telugu) with Surya, Anushka, Prakashraj as the main characters - from director Hari - fails to impress and looks like a ripped off version of Hari's earlier hit "Saamy". All character and situations are the same as in the latter.

Worth giving a miss, unless you are a Surya fan who just wants to see Surya and Anushka's sizzling chemistry !

05 June 2010

Rajneeti **1/2

A modern day Mahabharata set in a trendy political background, that might even remind one of Godfather and also the South Indian movie 'Thalapathy'. Power packed first half, but the second half lacks the punch and towards the end the movie slopes onto the boring side.

All the hand-picked actors do deliver good performances. This Prakash Jha style movie could have been much much better had the second half been edited slickly. A very hyped movie which might not satisfy all the audiences, but worth a watch for Jha's fans.

04 June 2010

Golimaar **

This tollywood movie inspired by the life of encounter specialist Daya Nayak is very close to the incidents in his life. Puri Jagannadh the director needs to get out of the 'Pokiri' hangover atleast now. Gopichand excels in the role of a tough cop, while Priyamani sticks to her skin show. Roja and Nazer are wasted. Kelly Dorjee is his usual self and seems to have become the reel world don of telugu and tamil films.

The movie is interesting with its own twists n' turns. It deserves a 3 star, but the 2nd half where the cop transforms from gangaram to gangubhai, and the incidents that unravel thereon make the movie a fiasco.

29 May 2010

Simha ***1/2

This tollywood potboiler is an out and out commercial movie that would have not only the Nandamuri clan fans but any of its audience glued to the seat till the end. Balakrishna returns with a hit and what a roar the movie is !! Yes, its a roaring movie with power-packed performance from balayya while the three heroines Sneha Ullal, Namitha and Nayantara fill in aptly with acting apart from providing the glamour quotient.

A perfect cast where all the characters in the movie fit in perfectly with expected levels of performance. Few songs are very good, while the movie retains high production values in addition to the sentiment and action factor in equal proposition. There is no unwanted dialog or scene in the movie which might disappoint the movie goer.  A nice movie not to be missed !

22 May 2010

Kites **1/2

The intro describing kites, Hrithik looking as good as he was in his bollywood debut, stunning barbara, awesome locales combined with apt background score, breath taking cinematography. Anurag basu leaves his directorial mark, good production values, excellent stunt sequences. Kangana seems lost.

Typical bollywood movie with an attempt to incorporate hollywood standard. Could have been way better if only the first half was pacy. 'Zindagi do pal ki' is a song to hum.

Go with a mind to see some extremely beautiful locations, provided this is the only thing you got to do for the weekend. And yes! Hrithik is launched internationally with this breezy romance 'Kites'.

21 May 2010

Irumbu Kotai Morattu Singam **

This tamil movie is a spoof on the Wild Wild West, with hillarious names for all the characters and towns.  A nice timepass movie. Sai Kumar as the comic villain has given the best performance ever for a villain in this movie genre.

Padmapriya, Lakshmi Rai, Sandhya add the necessary glamour, while all other artists do what is expected of the role. Good cinematography and the second good could have been bit more pacy. Comic dialogs are a sure plus for this hillarious movie - also dubbed in telugu as 'Super Cowboy'. A good watch to pass the weekend for sure.

09 May 2010

Badmaash Company *1/2

'Badmaash Company' would not give you great company through out its screening duration. Its good in bits and pieces, with laughable moments now and there.

A comic caper where Shahid, Chang have justified their role portrayal. Anushka tries very hard to break away from the image her earlier movie created. But should possibly stay to her homely 'Rab ne bana di jodi' image rather than going over board with raunchy stuff that she isn't comfortable carrying along when some acting is needed .

A timepass movie for the weekend when you got nothing else to do or watch and you heart says 'Why not catch up a movie in the theater and Why not when its Shahid, Anushka and Chang for company'. And yes! Leave your thinking cap at home.

08 May 2010

Varudu **

A very creative movie from Director Gunasekhar. For sure it is not a commercial bet, but the producer wins over the lovers of traditional cinema for taking the challenge. Music by Mani Sharma lives upto the occasion.

Opening scene showing Sneha Ullal makes one wish she was there in the movie for more time, while the debutant heroine Bhanusri Mehra delivers a decent performance for the role. Allu Arjun tries to put up a stylish performance in a kind-of traditional movie unnecessarily. The concept of 5day telugu marriage is sure to catch up with the audience, though not all sectors of them. The traditional costume, the sets and the creativity put in for Varudu is commendable. Arya looks fierce as the villain but, the character background could have been stronger to match his body language.

Would have been a great art movie, had the commercial movie aspects been kept at bay. In all, a feel good movie show casing the traditional style of telugu marriage !

Sura *1/2

Ilaya dalapathi Vijay's 50th movie, a desperate try to re-conquer lost image of a 'Superstar'. SP Raajkumar has definitely lost his golden touch that he has been known for. Tamannah sizzles and looks gorgeous in the songs, except for the strong Malayalam accent-ish voice over provided for her character by the dubbing artiste. Manisharma tries to bring in his old telugu hit numbers to create magic. The villain Dev Gill is great with his portrayal. Unfortunately for the film, Vadivelu's character - Umbrella - also fails to impress.

In all, a Tamil movie in which the actor, music director, director, et al are desperate to regain past glory, but in vain.

01 May 2010

HouseFull *

Yet another bollywood movie shot at great locales with excellent production values, that has been treated poorly, rather very poorly.

From the Nadiadwala stable, this is a directly lifted script of a Kamal Hassan super hit tamil/telugu excellent family values based comedy movie. Except for the locations and the 'panaouthi' that the Lead protagonist has, Housefull is a sick comedy movie. 

Though adapted as per current trends and located across cities like vegas and London, the movie provides you the same slapstick acting form Ritesh. Akshay indeed seems running on the 'Bad Luck' even in his filmi career with yet another disaster, where the actor has not even cared to dye his white hairs before romancing Jiah Khan and Deepika Padukone. Jiah gets a dumb role, while one is left wondering as to why Lara had to surrender to this kinda script, atleast after doing Blue, which made her 'wanted' property. Chunky delivers the expected, while Sajid coveys clearly to Akshay through chunky that the movie will be a super hit but "I'm aa Joking' !
A big ONE star just for a few fine to hear PJs, handful of humourously vulgar acts & expressions, and good peppy songs along with great looking Arjun Rampal, Deepika and fine acting from Boman. 'I dunno what to do .. I dunno what to say' more before you decide to risk watching this movie, in case you expect an out and out entertainer !

30 April 2010

Prasthanam ***1/2

It has been a long time that tollywood audiences have been treated to a critically acclaimed movie with high commercial values. Prasthanam stands testimony to a well scripted movie with wonderfully crafted characters.

Stating -'Not everyone born to a leader can be a leader', the film walks the line between goondaism and family backed political growth. Extremely powerful performance from SaiKumar. Sharwanand turns a new leaf and is sure to appeal to mass audience whilst still having a classy look. Ruby Parihar debuts adding the expected glamour to the mass(y) movie.

A wonderful watch indeed !

18 April 2010

Paiyya ***

A brisk Tamil movie with Karthi and Tamannah having performed to the expectations. Karthi at last does sport some good flamboyant dressing style in this movie, while Tamannah is at her cutest best. Milind Soman and Sonia (of Happy days fame - telugu movie) are under utilized and have nothing to do in this run of the mill movie.

The movie is gripping and a wonderful entertainer where you can just sit back, relax and experience the screenplay weave its magic around. Wonderful composition of songs entertain you through out the fast paced movie which moves swiftly, all with in a car journey.

26 March 2010

Well Done Abba ****

They say, a book can be judged by its cover. 'Well Done Abba' can truly be judged from its theatrical trailer itself. A masterpiece would be the initial feel, and yes! the movie goes even beyond expectation.

The movie opens to an applause driven intro of Bo'Man' Irani with the Hyderabadi accent. Yes, the man has really shadowed bollywood now, and time and again proves he is and will be here with this Shyam Benegal Masterpiece. Minnisha Lamba as Muskaan leaves a smile of satisfaction. Benegal seems to have moved on from shreyas talpade to sameer dattani. Its in over all a very well scripted movie with all actors fitting perfectly into their characters with ease.

Another wonderful movie from Benegal's stable of stories, sticking to his native roots, a film that movie lovers, especially hyderaabad ke logaan will feel good about.

19 March 2010

Love Sex aur Dhokha ***1/2

Ekta kappor strikes again !! This time with a straight movie that is not so straight. The lesser known actors put up a neat job in this comedy revolving around lust, love and betrayal.

The movie style does seem inspired by the huge US success of Paranormal Activity. Well edited film with a mix of bollywood style dialogues and post-DDLJ love scenario - this movie establishes new era bollywood movie.

In all, a movie that would go down well at the B and C grade centers.

'Love Sex aur Dhokha darling .. love sex aur dhokha' and couple of other songs make for great music and a sure rocker it is going to be on the Indian dance floors.

07 March 2010

Bodyguard **1/2

This Malayalam movie starring Dileep and Nayantara has a wonderful 2nd half and climax. Just that it is usual masala mess out there in the first half, though entertaining. Siddique is his usual self with handling the movie.

With Boney Kapoor already having bought the rights to remake this with Salman Khan, expect improvisations to the first half, and it would be another runaway hit in bollywood.

But for Mollywood, this is just average.

01 March 2010

Seeta Ramula kalyanam - Lanka Lo *

Seeta Ramula kalyanam - Lanka Lo .. haay haay !! This telugu movie is a worthy attempt that disappoints. Nitin needs to know he is not a super hero, but an actor improving with time. Hansika is bubbly and looks awesome capturing the viewer's imaginations. Seetaramula kalyanam does make you feel lost in Lanka.

26 February 2010

Leader ****1/2

A wonderful telugu film fr0m the master - Shekar Kammula - showcasing his unique style. Political thoughts and intelligent movie comes into life through this movie. Daggubati Rana dominates the screen as hero, while the damsel Priya Anand impresses with her presence without a author backed role and the gorgeous Richa Gangopadhyay vanishes like a beautiful lightning, yet impresses with her acting and smile.

Micky J Meyer weaves good music, especially the Telugu Talli song. Expectations were high after his rocking happy days music and this film's music falls short.

A wonderful movie to relish based on the current political scenario in India, but the filmbuff just wishes the climax was bit more lengthy and logical.